We Guarantee You The Most Thorough Carpet Cleaning You've Ever Seen


We Guarantee You The Most Thorough Carpet Cleaning You've Ever Seen

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Pet urine on the carpet requires special procedures to successfully remove the contamination . It is undoubtedly one of the most demanding jobs in carpet cleaning. It's also hard to know where past incidents may have occurred if you've never seen them.

It is often the upholstery and carpets that will require special attention in households with pets. Animals often return to selected places and to the ground in certain areas. For this reason, it is especially important to identify these spots for special attention before starting the pet odour removal process.

At Carpet Cleaning Melbourne, we are Certified for pet odor removal. We are able to use various methods to locate harmful spots. This includes the use of moisture sensors (which help us detect moisture in the tampon) and UV light (which makes urine deposits glow).

We also carefully examine the carpet for any changes in color and stains that smell of urine; which is another indication of an area in need of care.

  • Once the points have been identified, we evaluate the severity of the problem to give you an estimated duration of the work. At Carpet Cleaning Melbourne, our team is made up of highly skilled technicians ready to bring your home back to life.
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⦿ Identify the level of contamination and the exact location of the crystals formed by the pet urine.

⦿ Saturate the affected area with our powerful green enzyme treatment. This breaks down and completely destroys compounds that cause lingering odors.

⦿ Reduce excess liquid and allow to air dry, eliminating odor.

⦿ Treat stained areas expertly.

When necessary, we will remove the carpet to treat the underlying areas. Occasionally, the subfloor in the affected area may need to be replaced.

How It Works
  • Pre Inspection & Dry Vacuum

  • Spotting Treatments & Pre Spray

  • Agitation with Rotary Brush

  • Hot Water Extraction Cleaning

  • Grooming & Post Inspection

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Choose our Carpet Cleaning Services Narre Warren
  • Don’t exhaust yourself with endless cleaning and scrubbing, leave it to Carpet Steam Cleaning Melbourne. Stains and spots on carpeted floors, no matter how often you clean and vacuum, are a breeding ground for many germs, bacteria and other contaminants that can cause health issues down the line. Hire our professional carpet cleaning and pet odour removal steaming services in Narre Warren; let us take care of the substance build-up thoroughly while restoring your carpet’s appearance as well. Your carpet will look clean, brand-new, and spotless after we have applied our extensive carpet cleaning expertise.
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More to Know

The best way to
keep your carpets
cleaner longer
  • We promise to respect your time

  • We promise to maintain quality

  • We promise to deliver the best service

Choose your preferred carpet cleaning package


  1. 1. Pre Inspection
    2. Moving Light furniture
    3. Pre conditioner and Spot Treatment
    4. Deep carpet steam clean with Truckmount
    5. Basic stain treatment
    6. Fibre rinse – Leaving carpet a Soft Feel
    7. Deodorising
    8. Recommended for minor stains




  1. 1. Pre Inspection
    2. Commercial pre vacuuming
    3. Moving Light furniture
    4. Pre conditioner and Spot Treatment
    5. Deep carpet steam clean with Truckmount
    6. Specialized stain treatment
    7. Fibre rinse – leaving carpet a soft Feel
    8. Premium deodorizer
    9. Recommended For Moderate Stains


  1. 1. Pre Inspection
    2. Commercial pre vacuuming
    3. Light furniture moving
    4. Pre spray conditioner
    5. Massaging of carpet fibre
    6. Deep carpet steam cleaning with latest technology
    7. Specialise stain treatment
    8. Fibre rinse – leaving carpet lovely and soft
    9. Deodorising and anti microbial treatment


At Carpet Cleaning Melbourne, we are renowned for our expertise in pet odour removal, stain treatment and carpet deodorization. We guarantee:
To completely eliminate the source of the smell and avoid repeated accidents so that your pet does not keep coming to the same place to repeat the crime.
Unlike many of our competitors, our odor removal process does not require the use of harsh chemical cleaners, which can leave behind unsightly vapors or residues.
Our odor removal process will only have the fresh and relaxing scent.
We prioritize your pet’s urine removal work. We know speed is of the essence. This is because the longer your pet’s urine remains, the more likely the rug or sofa is to become permanently discolored.
Quick drying times
Your complete satisfaction in every cleaning session.


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