We Guarantee You The Most Thorough Carpet Cleaning You've Ever Seen


We Guarantee You The Most Thorough Carpet Cleaning You've Ever Seen

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Part of the pride in your home is making sure it's clean and stain removal house. However, keeping up with all of your chores in the hustle and bustle of everyday life can be a real challenge. You have so much time and energy to spend on a task like carpet cleaning, and even all your energy plus an expensive high-tech vacuum may not be enough to really, fully get that carpet and upholstery. clean. It may appear presentable.

We go beyond traditional stain removing techniques help local residents eliminate the toughest stain erasing challenges. We understand the chemistry of different stains, so we are able to successfully remove them from your surfaces, leaving them clean and shiny again. Our knowledge of stain chemistry sets us apart from our competitors. With our knowledge, technique and experience, we can use the right chemical in each cleaning service to give you the best results.

At Stain Removal Melbourne, we offer our clients impeccable stain erasing services. Our professionally trained technicians are equipped with state-of-the-art products that can take care of virtually any stain with our specialized stain removal service. With an arsenal of safe and effective stain removing products and the latest equipment, we are able to can remove tough stains from carpets, rugs and upholstery .

  • "We Guarantee You The Most Thorough Carpet Cleaning You've Ever Seen…”
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Seeing stains on your carpet or upholsteries can be very annoying. Sometimes, you may even be tempted to use harsh cleaning products to remove stains. However, we strongly recommend that you call on a professional stain removal service whenever you realise a stay on your carpet, rug or upholstery.

It is to note that most store-bought stain removal products are harshness, toxic chemicals that may not be as effective at removing stains. It is far better to hire a professional to avoid the risk of damaging your carpets saving time and money at the same time.

Steam Carpet cleaning machine

How It Works
  • Pre Inspection & Dry Vacuum

  • Spotting Treatments & Pre Spray

  • Agitation with Rotary Brush

  • Hot Water Extraction Cleaning

  • Grooming & Post Inspection

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At Carpet Cleaning Melbourne, we can get rid of 99% of visible stains. We are a renowned restoration company in Melbourne, providing local residents with world-class services in stain removal, pet odor removal, and more. Our first-class customer service, and our cleaning methods are second to none, at affordable rate. Call us today to schedule service.

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Choose your preferred carpet cleaning package


  1. 1. Pre Inspection
    2. Moving Light furniture
    3. Pre conditioner and Spot Treatment
    4. Deep carpet steam clean with Truckmount
    5. Basic stain treatment
    6. Fibre rinse – Leaving carpet a Soft Feel
    7. Deodorising
    8. Recommended for minor stains




  1. 1. Pre Inspection
    2. Commercial pre vacuuming
    3. Moving Light furniture
    4. Pre conditioner and Spot Treatment
    5. Deep carpet steam clean with Truckmount
    6. Specialized stain treatment
    7. Fibre rinse – leaving carpet a soft Feel
    8. Premium deodorizer
    9. Recommended For Moderate Stains


  1. 1. Pre Inspection
    2. Commercial pre vacuuming
    3. Light furniture moving
    4. Pre spray conditioner
    5. Massaging of carpet fibre
    6. Deep carpet steam cleaning with latest technology
    7. Specialise stain treatment
    8. Fibre rinse – leaving carpet lovely and soft
    9. Deodorising and anti microbial treatment


At Carpet Cleaning Melbourne, we are renowned for our expertise in pet odor removal, stain treatment and carpet deodorization. We guarantee: To completely eliminate the source of the smell and avoid repeated accidents so that your pet does not keep coming to the same place to repeat the crime. Unlike many of our competitors, our odor removal process does not require the use of harsh chemical cleaners, which can leave behind unsightly vapors or residues. Our odor removal process will only have the fresh and relaxing scent. We prioritize your pet’s urine removal work. We know speed is of the essence. This is because the longer your pet’s urine remains, the more likely the rug or sofa is to become permanently discolored. Quick drying times Your complete satisfaction in every cleaning session.


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