Pets can cause stains and odours, which may cause a challenge while cleaning.
However, if you want to do this task at your home, all you need is a few basic tips. As a
professional carpet cleaning service provider in Narre Warren, here we will provide
five carpet cleaning tips for you.

Be Prepared for This

Having the correct equipment can avoid mishap. The use of enzyme treatment can
solve the issue of urine stain and odours. Moreover, you need a handheld carpet
extractor for this. Besides that, you need an good quality enzyme cleaner and oxygen
booster. Make sure; you use genuine cleaner. Most of the cheap carpet cleaners just
mask the odours instead of neutralizing it .

Act Quickly

You need to clean all pet strain very quickly. The more you take time, the harder it will
be to clean the carpet. So solve half of your problem by responding quickly.

Right Cleaning Process

When managing urine stains, you have to utilize the extractor to expel the urine from the
carpet. Extractors are more compelling than paper towels. Now, you can apply the
enzyme treatment as described on the package.
If your pet makes a stronger mark, the first thing you can do is to use a scrubber and
dustpan to scrape up and clean the solids. Apply oxygenated enzymatic cleaner and
hang tight for 45 minutes. Then, let it dry before vacuuming.

Prevent Your Pet Interference

We understand that it will be very problematic if your pet continues meddling while you
are cleaning your rug, you need more energy than required. Therefore, you can keep
your pets away from wrecking your rug while you are cleaning it by covering the treated
zone with a plastic bag or aluminum foil. These materials will make noisy sounds and
keep your pet away.

Discourage Reoffending

Keeping your carpet spotless and new makes it less appealing to your pets. Hire a
professional carpet cleaner in Narre Warren, will keep your carpets perfect and new..
Pet stain and odor removal is a professional task, especially when you have a pet.
Otherwise, all you need to have proper equipment, knowledge and response on time.

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